Counter File list of gnuplot 4.7 (CVS) for Windows

File list of gnuplot 4.7 (CVS) for Windows

(Updated on 2012-09-18)

For Details, please see 'Notes' on this page and documents included in the archive files

No warranty : Please use the archives and the documents on this web at your own risk

You can see the ChangeLog on CVS
(Sometimes update of binary ditributions here is delayed.)


If you have place etc/font/fonts.conf (configure file of fontconfig) not to default directory (folder), please set environmental variable 'FONTCONFIG_PATH'

For gd related related terminals (png,gif,jpeg terminals) do not forget set GDFONTPATH environmental variable. For other path related environmental variables, for example, GNUPLOT_PS_DIR, GNUPLOT_JS_DIR and GNUPLOT_LUA_DIR, please refer gnuplot help or manual in details.

From 2011-02-26, the help file is distributed in current default format. (wgnuplot.chm). Therefore, WinHLP32.exe is no longer required for windows Vista and 7.

A gnuplot manual in pdf style (gnuplot.pdf) is placed in the on this HP. A manual, gnuplot.pdf can also be obtained in the following:

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