File list of gnuplot 5.0-rc1 (CVS) for Windows

For Details, please see 'Notes' on this page and documents included in the archive files

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1. The 32 bit binaries work on the Windows XP. (from 2014-06-10) I have confirmed that those work also on windows 7 and 8. I do not check whether those work on Windows vista.
2. The wxt terminal is implemented for 64 bit binaries. (from 2014-06-10)
3. The qt terminal is supported for both installer and zip style on 2014-06-02. It works and mousing and zooming work in ordinal way from 2014-06-03. Packaging error is corrected and now qt terminal works without install Qt binaries. (from 2014-06-11) Pipe bug under the qt terminal fixed and revised binaries are uploaded (2014-06-16).
4. The critical bug of wxt terminal on windows was fixed on 2014-05-24 (See ChangeLog on the date)

If you would like to try msvc build binaries, please try Kakuto's binary.

You can see the ChangeLog on CVS
(Sometimes update of binary ditributions here is delayed.)