gnuplot 5.1 (cvs) cygwin (32 and 64 bit) binaries prepared by gcc-5.4.0


Current cygwin supports wxWidgets so that self-build wxWidgets related runtime libraries are omitted.
Wxt terminal is supported. (Qt terminal is not supported.) However, the clipboard and saving files features does not work.
Use other cairo based terminals instead.

For install of binary package, please read README_TM.txt in archive files.

You can see the ChangeLog on CVS
(Sometimes update of ditributions here is delayed.)

No warranty
Please use distributed file(s) at your own risk.

File list of gnuplot 5.1

  1., 1,197,952 bytes, 2016-09-26, md5 5e52dbbd627fbfadf7b7d8b5f79bc52c, gnuplot 5.1 (cvs) package prepared by gcc-5.4.0 (32bit)
    (latest ChangeLog date:2016-09-24)
  2., 1,259,153 bytes, 2016-09-26, md5 3e39303f1ff40ff0fc2c9910232708cf, gnuplot 5.1 (cvs) package prepared by gcc-5.4.0 (64bit)
    (latest ChangeLog date:2016-09-24)
  3. gnuplot.pdf, 2,922,410 bytes, 2016-09-26, md5 6cdbe74d25be3cd60da53a8d17ca979e, gnuplot.pdf, manual of gnuplot 5.1 (cvs)
    (latest ChangeLog date:2016-09-24)

Dr. Tatsuro MATSUOKA at Nagoya University
Associate Professor
Department of Molecular Design and Engineering,Graduate School of Engineering.
(Undergraduate : Department of Chemical Engineering.)

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