Customization of SciTE for gnuplot 4.4.0 for windows

(From 2010-04-27, updated 2010-05-09)


This is now in traial phase but I personally feel this very convinent for gnuplot.

No warranty: Use it at your own risk


Api file for autocompletion (2010-04-28)

Extract and place 'gnuplot.api' into the folder where the SciTE is installed

Links (2010-05-09)

Append the below to at the end of and customize it according to your enviroments and prefernce. See also comments in the below settings. (updated 2010-04-28)

# Because the lexer for gnuplot does not exist at the moment,
# (April, 2010)
# these properties commands are to be appended at the end part 
# of ''
# Define SciTE settings for gnuplot
# originally by Noli Sicad and Luiz Bettoni
# on
# Modified by Tatsuro Matsuoka for 4.4.0
#  * Add and rearrange keywords 
#  * Add menu / Tool commands like go and others.
# Use it freely but at your own risk

filter.gnuplot=gnuplot (gp plt dem)|$(file.patterns.gnuplot)|

# Caution!! The below color settings override the original sql ones
# Keywords6: User Keywords 2
# Keywords7: User Keywords 3
# Keywords8: User Keywords 4

# keywords ; command
keywordclass.gnuplot=bind cd call clear eval exit fit for\
  help load lower history if pause plot print pwd quit\
  raise refresh replot reread reset save set show unset\
  shell splot system test unset undefine update !


# keywords; function
keywords2.$(file.patterns.gnuplot)=abs acos acosh\
  arg asin asinh atan atan2 atanh\
  elliptick elliptice ellipticpi\
  besj0 besj1 besy0 besy1 ceil cos cosh erf erfc\
  exp floor gamma ibeta inverf igamma imag invnorm\
  int lambertw lgamma log log10 norm rand real sgn\
  sin sinh sprintf sqrt tan tanh voigt\
  gprintf sprintf strlen strstrt substr strftime strptime\
  system word words\
  column defined exists stringcolumn timecolumn\
  tm_hour tm_mday tm_min tm_mon tm_sec tm_wday tm_yday tm_year\
# keywords; setting
  angles array arrow autoscale binary bars bmargin border boxwidth\
  center circle circles clabel clip cntrparam colorbox contour datafile\
  dx dy dz decimalsign dgrid3d dummy ellipse encoding endian\
  errorbars errorlines every\
  filetype flipx flipy flipz fontpath format\
  functions function grid hidden3d historysize isosamples\
  key label\
  linecolor lines linespoints linestyle linetype linewidth\
  lmargin loadpath locale logscale mapping\
  index margin mouse multiplot mx2tics mxtics my2tics mytics\
  mztics notitle offsets origin output parametric pm3d\
  palette perpendicular points pointsize pointtype polar polygon pop\
  push record rmargin rotate rrange samples\
  scan size smooth style surface terminal thru tics ticslevel\
  ticscale timestamp timefmt title tmargin trange transpose urange\
  using variables version view volatile vrange with\
  x1y1 x1y2 x2y1 x2y2 x2data x2dtics x2label x2mtics\
  x2range x2tics x2zeroaxis xdata xdtics xlabel xmtics\
  xrange xtics xzeroaxis y2data y2dtics y2label y2mtics\
  y2range y2tics y2zeroaxis ydata ydtics ylabel ymtics\
  yrange ytics yzeroaxis zdata zdtics cbdata cbdtics\
  xerrorbars xyerrorbars xerrorlines xyerrorlines\
  zero zeroaxis zlabel zmtics zrange ztics cblabel\
  cbmtics cbrange cbtics\

# keywords; constants, and internal and environinternal variables
keywords5.$(file.patterns.gnuplot)=pi nan\
  gnuhelp gnuterm home userprofile comspec fit_script fit_log\
  gnuplot_lib gdfontpath gnuplot_default_gdfont gnuplot_ps_dir\
  fit_limit fit_log fit_maxiter fit_start_lambda fit_lambda_factor\
  mouse_x mouse_y mouse_x2 mouse_y2 mouse_button mouse_shift\
  mouse_alt mouse_ctrl\
  gpval_term gpval_termoptions gpval_output\
  gpval_version gpval_patchlevel   gpval_compile_option\
  gpval_multiplot gpval_plot gpval_splot gpval_terminals\
  gpval_pi gpval_nan gpval_errno gpval_errmsg gpval_pwd\
  gpval_last_plot gpval_x_min gpval_x_max gpval_x_reverse\
  gpval_x_log gpval_data_x_min gpval_data_x_max gpval_y_min\
  gpval_y_max gpval_y_reverse gpval_y_log gpval_data_y_min\
  gpval_data_y_max gpval_x2_min gpval_x2_max gpval_x2_reverse\
  gpval_x2_log gpval_data_x2_min gpval_data_x2_max gpval_y2_min\
  gpval_y2_max gpval_y2_reverse gpval_y2_log gpval_data_y2_min\
  gpval_data_y2_max gpval_z_min gpval_z_max gpval_z_reverse\
  gpval_z_log gpval_data_z_min gpval_data_z_max gpval_cb_min\
  gpval_cb_max gpval_cb_reverse gpval_cb_log gpval_t_min\
  gpval_t_max gpval_t_reverse gpval_t_log gpval_data_cb_min\
  gpval_data_cb_max gpval_u_min gpval_u_max gpval_u_reverse\
  gpval_u_log gpval_v_min gpval_v_max gpval_v_reverse\
  gpval_v_log gpval_term_xmin gpval_term_xmax gpval_term_ymin\
  gpval_term_ymax gpval_view_map gpval_view_rot_x\
  gpval_view_rot_z gpval_view_scale gpval_view_zscale

# keywords; terminal name
keywords6.$(file.patterns.gnuplot)=aed767 aifm amiga\
  apollo aqua be canvas cgi cgm corel debug dospc dumb\
  dxf dxy800a eepic emf emxvga epslatex epson_180dpi\
  excl fig ggi gif Gnugraph gpic gpr grass hercules\
  hp2623a hp2648  hp500c hpgl hpljii hppj imagen jpeg\
  kyo latex linux lua macintosh mf mgr mif mp next Openstep\
  pbm pdf pdfcairo pm png pngcairo postscript pslatex\
  pstex pstricks qms regis rgip sun svg svga tek40\
  tek410x texdraw tgif tikz tkcanvas tpic unixpc unixplot\
  vgagl VWS vx384 windows wxt x11 xlib

# Extenstion of 'Menu/Tools' for gnuplot 4.4.0
# Note for gnuplot scirpt execution tools in Menu/Tools command of SciTE
#  For gnuplot 4.4, console mode of gnuplot, 'gnuplot.exe' is recommended 
#  to use instead of wgnuplot because output text can be captured, e.g
#  error message. However run on SciTE output pane does not allow any GUI
#  like plot windows of windows and wxt terminal. For this reason we have 
#  to use 'subsystem=1' should be used. By this option, one inventively 
#  see console windows. The style of console window can be customized for
#  each execution name. I therefore install gnuplot into the path which
#  has long file name. I install gnuplot-4.4.0 in 
#  "C:\Program Files\gp440win32". I have confirmed that the shor names of
#  "Program Files" and "gp440win32" are "PROGRA~1" and "GP440W~1", 
#  respectively by "dir /X" on console windows. I executed gnuplot by
#  "C:\PROGRA~1\GP440W~1\gnuplot\binary\gnuplot" and customized the console
#  style as small as possible setting properties by right clicking
#  title bar of the console windows and pulling the properties menu of
#  console window.

#Customize below according to your environments and preferences

# gnuplot.exe for SciTE, see above explanation
# shortcut for lauching gnuplot
gnuplot.CmdForLuanch="C:\Documents and Settings\Tatsu\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\gnuplot-4.4.0.lnk"
# wgnuplot command
wgnuplot.Cmd="C:\Program Files\gp440win32\gnuplot\binary\wgnuplot.exe"
# wgnuplot_pipes command
wgnuplot_pipes.Cmd="C:\Program Files\gp440win32\gnuplot\binary\wgnuplot_pipes.exe"
# wgnuplot.hlp

##To run model
command.go.$(file.patterns.gnuplot)=$(gnuplot.CmdForGo) -e "!title SciTE-gnuplot work screen" $(FileNameExt)

#To run with perist$(file.patterns.gnuplot)=Go with persist
command.0.$(file.patterns.gnuplot)=$(gnuplot.CmdForGo) -e "!title SciTE-gnuplot work screen" $(FileNameExt) -

# launch gnuplot$(file.patterns.gnuplot)=Launch gnuplot

# launch wgnuplot$(file.patterns.gnuplot)=Launch wgnuplot

# launch wgnuplot_pipes$(file.patterns.gnuplot)=Launch wgnuplot_pipes

# wgnuplot.hlp$(file.patterns.gnuplot)=Help selection
command.4.$(file.patterns.gnuplot)=$(CurrentSelection) ! $(wgnuplot.hlp)

# wgnuplot.hlp by 'F1" key or Help/Help menu$(file.patterns.gnuplot)=winhlp32 $(wgnuplot.hlp)

# gnuplot.api setting for autocompletion
#  gnuplot.api can be downloaded form

# ****************** End of cutomaztion for gnuplot

An example of

# An example of customization of
# If you use SciTE on the usb drive, setting should be done in
# Use it freely but at your own risk
# For Japanese version Windows, We must set or override
# and character.set=128.
# character.set=128
# Set monospace font
# font.monospace=font:Terminal,size:14
# font.monospace=font:MSGOTHIC,size:12
# linenumber setting
# edge.mode
# wrap  
# Setting selection color  
# Tool bar
# Status bar
# setting Window at starting up
# set default eol to LF
# eol visible
# white space view
# split style, 0 horizontal | 1 vertical (default)
# output.initial.hide=1
# Confirm saving file at go command

# find.command by grep (You can get it from the GnuWin32 web site etcs.)
# I normally use internal find 
#find.command=grep -Ern -e "$(find.what)" "$(\$(find.files)"

#************* End of